A Riverfront For All

The Jacksonville Riverfront is a connected network of planned and existing destination parks, public spaces and riverwalk trails along both banks of the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville.

The shared vision is for our downtown riverfront to become a fully accessible and unified year-round and everyday destination with world-class amenities, museums, dining options, along with regular activities, events and programming to appeal to a wide range of residents and visitors. In short, to become “everyone’s neighborhood.”

Source:  Downtown Investment Authority, Feb 2023

The City of Jacksonville has committed over $100 million in capital funding to design, renovate, construct, and connect new and existing destination riverfront parks, public marinas, and riverwalk extensions on both sides of the majestic St. Johns River.

Check out the updates from Riverfront 2025: A Look Ahead public meeting held in February 2023.

Private developments are also planned; development updates are available on the Build Up Downtown website.